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In an interview at TechCrunch’s conference, this week. He said that he doesn’t believe staying private for as long as possible is necessary, in reference to Twitter going public in the future. The interview coincided with Facebook’s highest trading price, finally going above the highest price on the day of the IPO. Zuckerberg’s comments about the IPO are between 5:30 and 8:30 in the video, but the whole thing is a fairly interesting watch.


Zuckerberg Says He Was Too Afraid Of Taking Facebook Public | TechCrunch.

Facebook Closes At All-Time High Of $45.05 Before Zuckerberg’s Disrupt Interview


The IRS will reportedly be searching Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to discover whether individuals are trying to cheat the system. However, this tiptoes along the line of what had traditionally been thought of as a private space by consumers, one outside the legal reach of government. But has it ever really been private? This may end up setting a legal precedent to prosecuting tax cases based on social media posts. See a video and the link to read the article by clicking “read more.”
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