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For the state that ranks last in new jobs for graduating lawyers (10.53 law grads per job opening) (update: this report is being disputed by the two MS law school administrations for its accuracy, more to come once confirmed by the ABA) news that MS is number 5 in the top states for entrepreneurship is great says  Tony Jeff, CEO of Innovate Mississippi.  Why?  The more businesses that start up here, the more income for the State, and more opportunities for lawyers to help with their start-up and future business needs.

Even better, lawyers can start their own practices in smaller towns to take advantage of start-ups, and use their discretionary income to start other businesses within the community too!   At a recent Capital Area Bar Association luncheon, the President-elect of the MS Bar Association, Guy W. Mitchell, III stated that West Point, MS hadn’t had a new lawyer locate there in 3 years, and a significant number of lawyers have died or retired in the area.   Located in the Golden Triangle Region that is experiencing new growth due to manufacturing in a booming industrial park, law grads should look to take advantage of opportunities small town Mississippi has to offer.

Thanks to CNN Money and Parija Kavilanz for the article:

Mississippi in Top 5 States for Entrepreneurship

Manufacturing creates jobs for lawyers

Author: Cory Ferraez

More manufacturing growth in the U.S. means more work for lawyers.  Contracts, labor, regulation (environmental et al), and more disposal income for valuable services like estate and financial planning.   The average salary of manufacturing workers is 22% above the rest of the workforce ($77,060 and $95,000 for export companies), but the industry must overcome a few of its largest challenges: perception and growth gap.

Manufacturing only gained 500,000 jobs since 2009 while losing two million in the recession.  And Americans typcially associate the big M with the big 4 D’s:  Dirty, Dangerous, Dumb, and Disappearing.   With salaries like the above, maybe more laywers should rethink the profession, skipping an expensive undergradute/professional degree, for a good trade school.

Thanks to Drew Greenblatt, CEO of Marlin Steel, and for the article

The Labor Department recently released new unemployment figures, and the results are not “less than desirable.” Close to 385,000 people applied for unemployment benefits last week, up from the 4 week average 354,250. This is the third straight week of increases.

This comes right on the heels of the the news that 663,000 people dropped out of the labor force. But The White House is optimistic however, citing a report released today by the  Bureau of Labor Statistics which shows that private sector businesses added 95,000 jobs last month.

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