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It is no secret that T-mobile has been considered the underdog in the cell carrier network. They haven’t had the best reputation, considering they are the last of the big four providers to offer the Apple iPhone, and their data network is also the smallest of the big four. The tides could be turning for T-Mobile, or at least that is their hope.

T-Mobile announced today that they will be getting rid of locked-in phone contract plans for all of their customers. They will not be requiring a two year commitment to T-mobile however. The catch? They will not be subsidizing phone purchases. This is a radical step away from the traditional model phone companies have been using over the last several years.

Is this move enough to save T-Mobile and give them a competitive edge with their new plan? Will other cell phone companies follow T-Mobiles lead and eliminate contracts? Only Time will tell.

To read more of T-Mobile’s new plan, CNET has a breakdown of  today’s announcement here.