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Lawyers, are you meeting a client?  Giving a deposition?  Meeting a judge in the chambers? Talking with opposing council?  Your posture could make a difference.  Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy recently gave a TED Talk(everyone should check out these informative videos on explaining the benefits of power poses.

You should practice these poses beforehand and even during your meeting(the more subtle ones please) to improve mood and how your are perceived by others.  Don’t you want to give your clients, colleagues, and judges another reason to be impressed?  Try it out.

Thanks to and Jessica Stillman for the article:

Weak or Powerful: How Does Your Posture Make You Seem? |

Rule No. 1 Lawyers: Get to the Point

Author: Cory Ferraez

Lawyers, judges, and clerks, got something to say?  Say it and get to the point.  I struggle with this and it’s hard because it takes practice.  Sadly, I often use a popular youtube video quote:  “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”  But it’s very relevant to effective communication.

Talking to a client? Writing an email, memo, brief, or opinion?  It shouldn’t matter.  No client wants to hear or read legal jargon and cases, only how you can solve their problems.  And no attorney wants to read a long winded opinion.

Rule No. 1: Get to the point, because everyone will thank you, including yourself.

Rule No. 1: Get to the Point |