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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Author: Cory Ferraez

Shouldn’t lawyers tell the truth, and most importantly, get their clients to be truthful with all the facts?  A  recent study found some more concrete indicators to spot if people may be lying to you.  But don’t count on these working in all situations, gut feeling and body language may serve you better than anything studies can throw at you.   If anything, put these lessons in your “people skills” tool belt, it just may save you or your client some embarrassment down the road–hopefully avoiding that childish cliché.

Thanks to Jessica Stillman and for the article.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


Lawyers, are you meeting a client?  Giving a deposition?  Meeting a judge in the chambers? Talking with opposing council?  Your posture could make a difference.  Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy recently gave a TED Talk(everyone should check out these informative videos on explaining the benefits of power poses.

You should practice these poses beforehand and even during your meeting(the more subtle ones please) to improve mood and how your are perceived by others.  Don’t you want to give your clients, colleagues, and judges another reason to be impressed?  Try it out.

Thanks to and Jessica Stillman for the article:

Weak or Powerful: How Does Your Posture Make You Seem? |