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Amazon Takes Tax Fight to Supreme Court

Author: Austin Alexander

Amazon is suing over a New York law that requires online retailers to collect sales tax. Even though Amazon has already agreed to pay sales tax in many states and supports a federal bill that make remitting sales tax a reality for every online retailer, Amazon dislikes this particular law. SCOTUS has not yet decided whether to take the case.

Amazon Takes Tax Fight to Supreme Court.

Online Sales-Tax Bill Advances

Author: Austin Alexander

Amazon and eBay are squaring off in the fight over internet sales tax. The Marketplace Fairness Act will nationally require internet sellers to collect sales tax, where before it had fallen to consumers to fork over the sales tax on their state tax returns. In a not-too-hard-to-believe circumstance, few people later pay the sales tax on their internet purchases. The bill itself is moving through Congress quickly and with bipartisan support unexpected for a tax issue. It seems more than likely that paying sales tax on internet purchases will become a reality.


Shopping on Amazon Could Soon Get Pricier as Sales-Tax Bill Advances | Wired Business |